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Plant a Herb Container

Use young plants for fresh flavours this Spring and Summer

There’s nothing quite like being able to add your own fresh herbs to your cooking. They are a great addition to any garden because they look and smell lovely, plus they taste delicious when freshly picked.

The easiest way to grow herbs is to buy pots of young plants and most are suitable for container cultivation. When selecting herbs to plant, choose ones you like to use
in the kitchen.

What will I need?
• A container – at least 25cm deep would be ideal but the bigger the better
• Compost – we’d recommend John Innes no.2
• A selection of herb plants
• Plant food – we’d recommend Miracle Gro Pour & Feed
• Stones for drainage (from your garden is fine)


When should I plant?
• In early spring (when the weather is fickle) herbs such as borage, mint and dill, won’t mind the chilly mornings.
• Tender herbs such as coriander, marjoram and basil should be planted after all risk of frost has gone.
• For all round best results, plant herbs in late spring.

How to plant
1. Choose a good sized container – there are many differenttypes to choose from, but it is essential it is at least 25cm deep if you want to grow larger herbs. It will also require a
drainage outlet.
2. The container will be heavy once it’s filled, so position before you plant. Herbs need morning sun, so make sure they will get this (by the kitchen door, if sunny, is ideal!).
3. You will get better results if you purchase a specially prepared compost – such as John Innes no. 2 – which contains the necessary nutrients. Before adding to your container, lay some stones over the drainage outlet.
4. Fill the container almost to the top with your compost and plant herbs to the same depth that they were in the pots they came from. Make sure you allow each plant enough space to grow to avoid overcrowding.
5. Plants such as thyme and oregano prefer drier conditions, so ensure these are planted around the outside of the container. Parsley and tarragon will prefer to be nearer the centre.

• Water regularly and feed weekly with a liquid feed such as Miracle Gro Pour & Feed. Do not over feed – this can cause the leaves to lose their flavour.
• Stimulate new growth by picking leaves regularly.
• By the autumn, annual herbs such as basil and coriander can be discarded.
• Perennials such as chives, oregano and mint will die back and re-grow in the spring.